The Explicits -  Special Edition bundle

The Explicits - Special Edition bundle


Renee Phoenix's first band, The Explicits, was a punk-rock 3-piece out of Jacksonville, FL. Enjoy the punk, the sludge, and the double bass action. This is where it all started. You may even hear the very beginnings of some songs that later became part of Fit For Rivals' album, Steady Damage.


All music and lyrics were written by Renee Phoenix.


INCLUDES (within zipped file):

11 WAV tracks

Group press photo

Album cover image

Stylized lyric sheets in PDF format

'Indestructible' music video - 240p quality (this was the highest resolution we could find!)



1. Suffocate

2. Hallelujah

3. Indestructible

4. Idiopath

5. Over It

6. Static

7. Lies

8. Desolate

9. Sexxxplicit

10. No Remorse

11. Hollywood

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